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Design & Build

Design & Build

The design & build method allows a sharing of knowledge in the design, constructability, and feasibility of the project. Aston ensures that throughout the progression of the project there is insightful communication for active problem solving instead of unforeseen frequent delays and long pauses. Which not only adds to the hassle but also increases costs significantly.

Unlike the process where there is uncanny hiring of different experts involved, the Aston design & build program features a systematic approach towards better budget management. The use of this allows for a cost-effective solution with no sudden discrepancies and where every approach is based on the budget. The team designs to a budget and not according to the design which enables a concrete development of creative solutions that are fast-paced and need fewer revisions. This allows the owners to save costs that are integrated with the administrative construction, change of orders, and any unforeseen project delays down the line.

From the design & build approach the projects are delivered much faster than the traditional method of designing and building. A timely problem-solving technique enables the construction to start even before certain stages of design development have been finished or finalized.

The ability to fast-track a construction project has been assessed as the best advantage of projects that are closely associated with the design & build technique. With Aston as one of the pioneers of this momentum, it is the only solution that enables the real estate developer, designer, and construction manager to work together in a seamless environment to work towards the same goal with the same integrated concepts and techniques that take the real estate project to the next level. With Astons seamless Design-Build construction method:

  • There is an enhanced communication enabling a collaborative and team-oriented perspective towards the project that ensures success.
  • There is fluidity in the approach of this construction methodology that enables a conflict-free approach and is easier to manage, control, and oversee.
  • The projects develop at a much faster rate than ever possible. This is because there is concurrence between the design and construction process.